STARER - Wind, Breeze, or Breath FR-116


A white shell with black ink and hand-numbered, double sided 3-panel sleeve in a crystal clear case. Comes with a download code. Limited to 50 copies.

The follow-up to 2022’s stunning Remorse Defines Me EP, Wind, Breeze, or Breath sees the one-man black metal project pushing the genre even further since the release of critically acclaimed The What It Is To Be. Wind, Breeze, or Breath taps into a deeper energy that manifests in a full, rich sound rarely seen in solo efforts:

“Starer is one of a kind. In a genre where countless bands aim to harness whipping winds into works of hurry-up impressionistic rage and beauty, Starer methodically crafts monumental and transcendent atmospheric black metal from stone chisel by chisel.” - Stereogum

On the new album, the trailblazing nuances that make Starer unique among a saturated scene shine through: “Starer has always tapped into a different atmospheric vein than many in the genre. Distinct from a lot of the oblique folk influence of many other American based atmospheric black metal projects, its focus on comparatively lush production and bright, broad composition has made the project stand out since the debut.” - Toilet ov Hell

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released July 28, 2023

Vocals, instruments, recording, and mixing by Josh Hines.
Mastered by Neil Schneider.