Mistral - In the Throes of Losing Love FR-115


A white shell with black ink and hand-numbered, double sided 3-panel sleeve in a crystal clear case. Comes with a download code. Limited to 50 copies.

Onism Productions and Folkvangr Records proudly present "In the Throes of Losing Love", the entrancing new album from Mistral. Nine tracks of Polish post-black metal combining the contradicting beauty and anguish of bands such as Alcest, Sadness and Agalloch - with their own unique touch. Following the loss of their bassist, the music has only become deeper and more emotional, an expressive journey through life and death. Harsh black metal intensity justaposes serene and sometimes experimental interludes, creating an immersive musical experience to get lost within.

"In the Throes of Losing Love" releases April 28th, on limited edition CD through Onism Productions, limited edition cassette through both Onism Productions and Folkvangr Records, and via the artist on all digital channels.

For a digital copy of the album, please visit mistralmetal.bandcamp.com.

For a physical copy of the album in the EU, please visit shop.onism.productions.

released April 28, 2023

Jan - guitars, vocals
Mikołaj - drums

Katarzyna - violin on tracks 4 and 5
Myrvandrer (Magnus) - taglharpa on track 9
Joan Llopis Doménech - reading of the poem on track 5, and back cover art
Marjorie Blandin - front cover art

"Still No Closure" is dedicated to the memory of Jacek Masłowski.