Vile Haint - Sacrificial Baptism in Murky Waters FR-103


Clear shell and black liner with white ink and hand-numbered, double sided 3-panel sleeve in a crystal clear case. Comes with a download code. Limited to 100 copies.

"Picking up from where Ol’ Hatchie Haint left off, the atmospherically titled Sacrificial Baptism in Murky Waters (in fact, every track has an excellent title) creates an even more distressed, uncomfortable, spine-jangling foray into their unique world of gothic black metal, haunted by their namesake haints and wraiths, and harried by a sense of creeping dread and paranoia.

A grotesque symphonic elements oozes around the raw distorted riffs, like the swamp-rotted flesh adorning the skeletal frame of fly-blown corpses. This is a deep ill-fated exploration into an ominously ambient southern horror." -Duncan, Order ov the Black Arts

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released June 24, 2022

Mastered by The Empty Hall Studio
Front/back cover images by Cesar Macotela