Entropy Created Consciousness / Silent Remission - Horror From the Shadows FR-092


Black shell with white ink (Drone) / Translucent smoke shell with white ink (Evil) and double sided black and white 3-panel oversized sleeve in a double-cassette crystal clear case. Comes with a download code. Limited to 50 copies.

HORROR FROM THE SHADOWS is the intense new offering from ENTROPY CREATED CONSCIOUSNESS released on 31 OCTOBER 2021. And horror it is: with its vintage film-inspired artwork and lyrics based on excerpts from H.P. Lovecraft’s 1922 short story Herbert West - Reanimator, this collaboration with noise artist SILENT REMISSION provides a unique simultaneous-album presentation that offers multiple methods to experience its madness.

The humble listener may seek to sink their teeth into – and thus find themselves consumed by – “Side Drone”, which places its focus on the signature doom metal and drone manifestation of ENTROPY CREATED CONSCIOUSNESS. And for those preferential to the unfiltered, unrestrained sounds of the void, the noise focused “Side Evil” made with SILENT REMISSION offers a dynamic and immersive aural glimpse of the deepest depths in which the mortal mind may find itself.

For the bravest among you, the combination of both together (tracks 1-6) provides the full experience, and it will be released to all suitable streaming services and digital stores. Additionally, obtainable through FÓLKVANGR RECORDS: a double cassette release presenting the dual cataclysms “Side Drone” and “Side Evil” on their own tapes, containing extra music.

The DNA of this release first manifested on Halloween 2016, wherein the Consciousness joined J.L.R. (of DÉBARK) and The Archivist - both contributors to previous Consciousness releases - to improvise an hour-long Halloween drone. Second of its kind, this became an annual tradition, and its fertile soil grew many twisted vines; some of which were chosen and manipulated further to create several movements now integral to the continuous 36-minute HORROR FROM THE SHADOWS experience. Combined with a handful of doom-focused material by the Consciousness, these seemingly disparate elements feel somehow meant to be united.

No piece on the record personifies this better than the preview single “SCREAM OF THE DEAD”. Reversed clean guitars shimmer ooze atmosphere that only serves to empower the death march of shattering timpani, swamp silt guitar, wretched choir, and the titular howling from a decrepit maw. SILENT REMISSION’s writhing, squealing noise layers simultaneously undulate within and envelope around the work - enhancing the tireless, effortless lurch toward a climax of dark synthesizer strains. This clawing claustrophobia slowly sinks away, back into the bog to await its next victim. For a preview of the album’s simultaneity approach, the single also contains the individual “Side Drone” and “Side Evil” versions of the track.

FFO: Boris & Merzbow, Prurient, My Dying Bride

For a digital copy of the album, please visit entropycreatedconsciousness.bandcamp.com and silentremission.bandcamp.com.

released December 10, 2021

Entropy Created Consciousness - everything, except:
Silent Remission - noise
J.L.R. - drones, guitar, background vocals, noise
The Archivist - drones, chants, noise
M.B. - drums
H.P. Lovecraft - text
Q.E. - press release editor
(see PDF included with Bandcamp download for artwork credits)