Givre - Le Pressoir mystique FR-081


Limited Edition: Burgundy shell with printed label and double sided 5-panel sleeve in a crystal clear case. Comes with a download code. Limited to 100 copies.

Deluxe Edition: Gold plated, laser etched shell encased in a hand-made book with gold foil and lyrics pages. Comes with a download code for the album plus a bonus track available only with the deluxe edition. Limited to 25 copies.

"Le Pressoir mystique translates to “Christ in the Winepress”. It is a concept in medieval iconography: a representation of the passion of Christ seen as the flesh of humanity pressed to obtain blood, as we obtain wine from grapes.

It is a good example of how we select themes for this project: we position ourselves as historians and select texts and pictures that we find particularly “metal” by their link to violence, flagellation, penitence, or anything we find grim enough.

The themes of this album are generally medieval: In the song ‘Rebatons notre chair vilainne’ we took a prayer of flagellants from the time of the black plague. ‘Source de plour’ and ‘Jamais ne vestiray que noir’ are two poems from Christine de Pizan (1364 – 1430) that we set to music. ‘Blanche biche’ is a traditional song from western France from the 16th century."

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released June 11, 2021

Mathieu Garon – Bass, mastering
Jean-Lou David – Vocals, guitars, keys, research
David Caron-Proulx – Guitars, vocals, keys, drum programming, mix, composition
Myriam Debonville – Voice on Jamais ne vestiray que noir