Häxanu - Snare of All Salvation FR-069


Black shell with metallic silver ink and hand-numbered, double sided 3-panel sleeve in a crystal clear case. Comes with a download code. Limited to 100 copies.

"Snare of All Salvation balances itself on a razor's edge, bringing duality into a monist reality: atmosphere is aggression, hostility is ambiance. Poole's mastery of black metal precedes him, with his work in Chaos Moon, Ringarë, Gardsghastr, and more acting as part of a greater thesis on the genre, and Häxanu's more vitriolic approach is yet another strong point made within Poole's oeuvre. Compared to his other works, Häxanu presents itself as a more bellicose cousin to its creator's other works -- a faster, sharper manifestation of Poole's creativity -- and yet Snare of All Salvation still nestles itself comfortably within his greater discography." -JR, Invisible Orange

To purchase a digital copy of this album, please visit amorfatiproductions.bandcamp.com.

released March 25, 2020

Recorded at MSK01 & Acephale
Mixed at Acephale, Afgrundsmysticism Studios
Mastered at MSK01