Stronghold Guardian - Westward FR-048


Transparent ice colored cassette with gold ink and hand-numbered, double sided 3-panel sleeve in a crystal clear case. Comes with a full color lyric book and download code. Limited to 100 copies.

Stronghold Guardian is a medieval black synth project formed in 2018, inspired by the old masters of Dungeon synth and fantasy/medieval black metal, combining the two forms of expression into one being.

"Westward" continues the saga begun with "Eastward" and epic journey of heroes from the lands and ages of Yore. This album is inspired by the times of old, times of Honor, Courage and Valor. Times when castles stood proud as symbols of virtue and might, but also as a reminder that life is a constant battlefield. The album tells a story about a continent unknown, lost in space and time, and ancient people who are in search for their lands and glory. It tells about a long, uncertain journey they took, which is both inner and outer one. This quest for home, for belonging, for sense and meaning is a quest at which we have all embarked. This is the quest of Life.

Stronghold Guardian would like to sound the trumpets in special thanks to the entire Dungeon Synth community, which provided ideas, inspiration, feedback and meaningful discussions that shaped both "Eastward" and "Westward".

Freedom, Honor, Courage!

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Composition, music, vocals, choirs, lyrics by Astral Paladin
Cover design and layout by Prometheus Studio
Painting by Wilhelm Steuerwaldt (19th century)
Mixed and mastered at Prometheus Studio

All rights reserved by Stronghold Guardian & Prometheus Studio

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